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We build long-term relationships by providing the most reliable and results-driven steering services.
About Us

Our Approach

We have established a new geosteering company with the vision of making a valuable service into a hassle free and low cost package to deliver your needs in a timely and professional manner.

Our Story

We are a group of geosteerers that have worked in all major U.S. shale plays with vast experience. We have worked with smaller one rig drilling companies all the way up to the majors. During this time, we saw an opportunity to deliver a high grade product and service to companies without the added overhead costs that you get with the larger service companies.

Why Choose Us…

Have you ever needed a geosteering service for a specific reason? Whether it is just for landing a horizontal, a full service steering, or someone to conduct all of your geology needs? We can fill all of these roles.

We deliver a service that comes with the highest professional grade quality but with an actionable price. We offer highly competitive rates on our services and deliver exactly what you ask of us.

While our geosteering services are the mainstay of our business, we do receive requests for more limited services all the way to full operations service.
Percent of customers that return for repeat business.
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Geosteering Service
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